Welcome to Neuroadvance. This is a blogging website focused on the discipline of neuroscience; its history, its facets and respective research, and current advancements in the field. This site was created to bring together like-minded individuals with a desire for knowledge and scientific inquiry. Together, we will interact to share ideas, questions, concerns, current studies and research, and advancements in neuroscience and related fields. All are welcome: all you need is curiosity towards the matter inside of our heads. The brain is miraculous. Advancements in neuroscience show just how much we know and do not know about the brain. The brain has been a subject of research since the time of ancient Egypt, and we still have not yet unravelled all of its mysteries. In fact, we’ve barely unravelled any of them. Though much is known and is under investigation in current and continuous studies, the fact is that the human brain is much more complex than we can possibly fathom.

The rise and evolution of brain science has already made profound impacts in science, medicine, and the world, and will undoubtedly continue to shed light on the three pound, spongy mass contained within our crania. On this site you will discover many different topics in neuroscience. You will learn, teach, share, and inform on various matters regarding the marvelous science that is neuroscience. The aim of this website is to change the world through the power of global education in not only neuroscience but a variety of disciplines. It is known as the neurorevolution, and it is the evolution of neuroscience and how it is revolutionizing the world. It is a colossal uprising of the science of the nervous system that will be extended and augmented by Neuroadvance.

Neuroadvance is an organization that not only informs and globally educates in the field of neuroscience that is so rapidly changing the world, but also promotes the exchange of ideas and research findings, the freedom of expression of beliefs and opinions, and the right to see the world as a mental construct. We hope to accelerate the development, importance, and global revolution of neuroscience and continue to see advancements in the field today that better society – and the world – for tomorrow.

It is amazing how one single organ can be so complex as to control the entire human body and all of its processes. The extent of the brain’s complexity continues to baffle scientists, but each day in neuroscience research we are one step closer to a better understanding of what befuddles, yet astonishes us so deeply.

“The brain is the organ of destiny. It holds within its humming mechanism secrets that will determine the future of the human race.”    – Wilder Penfield 

Welcome to Neuroadvance.

Explore. Inspire.

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