Brain-To-Brain Interface In Rats

Duke University neuroscientist and pioneer in Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) Miguel Nicolelis led a team to conduct an interesting advancement in BMI by an experiment that enables the sophisticated communication of sensorimotor information such as tactile and motor tasks between two rats – one in Brazil and one in North Carolina. This was carried out through the first ever electronic link between the brains of two rats. One rat in Brazil was conditioned to perform a specific behavioural task, and was able to communicate with the second rat in North Carolina via the interface such that the rat in North Carolina could perform the same task in real time. One rat was responsible for pushing a lever which would in turn bring about a reward for that rat, and this information was communicated to the second rat. The second rat would then perceive this signal, act on it, and push a specific lever so that it could also receive a reward. This will blow your mind.

One article with video:

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis explains the experiment himself:


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